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Re: The Philosophy of Bookbinding

Everything contains information (think of DNA - miniscule but very rich in
information)   The object of a book is that it is a -container- of information.
It's maker has defined a space, a time, a communication, to put limits on
the information.

And what is chosen, how it is organized, what thoughts and emotions it
creates in the viewer, are the art and craft of the book.

Part of the philosophy of the book, for me, is the magic of it.  You can
make pots, or glass, or afghans, or paintings, if you wish, but there
is soemthing magic about a book.  It's very evocative -Merlin, ledgers,
the Warren Report, Gone with the Wind, Anonymous... and if I think
about it too long, I look like I have gone to that psychological "happy
place"  to induce a calming state, or something.

So the philosophy of a book can be very individual.  This is just
what works for me.

-Karen from Atlanta

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