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Re: The Philosophy of Bookbinding

Information is the fuel for ideas. The best book designers interpreted the
authors information, emotions, and ideas in a visual form. Their designs
are the extension or a visual interpretation of the author's creativity.
The binding, paper, ink, illustration, white space, leading, and type are
all equally important elements. To do this well is great design.

There are books with different purposes, such as blank books, artist books,
and books bound for private libraries. Grolier's bindings were not an
extension of the author as much as they are an expression of the binder's
skills and Grolier's taste. The book can be itself an object of art.

I will go so far as to propose that the idea of the "book" can be seen
today on the internet - a collection of thoughts, ideas and information in
some visual form or order that allows the reader to interpret these
thoughts, ideas, and information.

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