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Re: Etching Question

You will find that copper will oxidize with any cadmium based ink, red,
yellow orange as well as any mixture with white.  Steel facing the copper
will eliminate the dirtying of the ink.  Mild steel plates are cheap to
make, great for printing clean color and can be etched with nitric or
ferric chloride.  If you haven't tried steel, I would.

best regards,

At 06:35 PM 9/29/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Yes,  Zinc will oxidize especially noticable with light colors.  I don't find
>that copper oxidizes much at all.
>a printmaker
>john renjilian wrote:
>> >Copper always oxidizes and zinc does not,
>> Not being either a printmaker or a metalurgist I need an explanation.  I
>> have a proof printing plate for the cover of a 1960 Golden Book, made of
>> what I thought was zinc, and I would have described it as oxidized.  Is
>> there another term I should be using? or is it another metal?  It was a
>> proof for the cover design, intending to be changed in the final design, so
>> it wouldn't have had to print many copies.
>> John Renjilian
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