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Leather book

Later this week the printer will finish printing Lotta Rahme's book:
_Leather: Preparation and Tanning by Traditional Methods_

Five hundred copies will be printed 4-up on acid free paper (11" X 17",
folded 2X = 8p per gathering/15 gatherings.)

Fifty copies will be available uncut, in sheets at $24.95/copy for hand binders.

Rick Cavasin, traditional parchment maker, has reviewed the text and said:

"From a hands-on, this is how you tan a skin yourself (but still containing
excellent historical/technical information) point of view, I HIGHLY recommend:

LEATHER - Preparation and tanning by traditional methods,  by Lotta Rahme.

        Now translated into English, & published in America by The Caber Press.
This book is far and away the best book on home tanning I've ever read.
A fine companion to [Reed's] _Ancient Skins, Parchments, and Leathers_."

Jack C. Thompson
Thompson Conservation Lab.
7549 N. Fenwick
Portland, OR  97217

503/735-3942  (voice/fax)


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