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Re: philosophy of bookbinding

 I noticed with interest/alarm that a question on the philosophy of
bookbinding quickly morphed into a discussion of what is a book.  To
offer some strictly personal thoughts on the original thread, when I am
considering a binding for a text, I aim for the long term.  I want the
binding to last as long as the text (though some one may very well
decide to rebind down the road!).  I want it to be sympathetic to the
text, so I select a style suited to it if it is an older text, or, if
new, something that strikes me as reflective of its matter, coloration
or audience.  I bind for the reader, to make a book that opens well,
that sustains and invites use.  I consider text and binding as a unit,
though, not one subservient to the other.
  Dorothy Africa

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