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Re: Eggshells

Jean Dunand (I think that's how it's spelled was a French
artists/craftsman who collaborated with Schmied on an number of
laquer/eggshell panels which were incorpoarted into bindings. Syracuse has
one of them and it's exquisite. A similar one was sold at auction for A
LOT of $$$. Abrams published a book about him and his work which I have.

More recently, David Brock a binder now in the Bay area used the technique
on a binding he did for the 1992 Guild of Book Workers exhibit Fine
Printers Finely Bound Too.



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

On Wed, 30 Sep 1998, Joyce Jenkins wrote:

> "Eggshell--Crushed eggshell adhered to the cover of a binding and then
> lacquered.  Popular in the early 20th century."
>      Huh?  That is a quote from ABC of Bookbinding by Jane Greenfield,
> Oak Knoll/Loyns Press, 1998.  Did they really use eggshells?  Were they
> crushed real fine and then stuck onto a surface?  Leather or cloth?  It
> seemed so strange I just wondered if any one has every seen one or done
> one and what it was like.
> Joyce

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