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Re: Paste Papers

At 10:33 AM 9/29/98 -0700, E. E.C. deMars wrote:
>Just tried my first paste papers, and I have a question...is there
>something that is put over the finished papers to make them more pliable?
> Mine seem  to crack very easily and wonder how anyone could use them on a

What are you using as the paste?  It might have been a little thicker than
it should have been, or maybe you applied it too thickly?

I normally use "All In One" wallpaper adhesive as the base of my paste
papers, and have never had a problem with them cracking.

Also, you might want to add a little glycerine, if you didn't the last
time, to give the dried paste a little more flexibility.

Kathie  (San Diego)
Kathie  aka  Rubber Angel

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