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Re: The Philosophy of Bookbinding

Hey Philosophers !

Because this is a Book_Arts-List, may I recommend a source of wonderful
information ( information being a word that means everything our mind can
comprehend which may or may not foster any kind of emotion our mind can
generate) ?

The book is:  E. O. Wilson's latest book, Consilience.  He describes, in not too
strictly scientific terminology, how the mind is actually the brain at work.
And the brain  takes in, stores, and uses guess what..information, hot or
cold  as supplied by our sense organs.  There is a lot of information we
may never know about except from instruments we invent to convey it to our
sense organs.  For example:
Some life forms can see colors, hear sounds etc. we cannot except through
instrumentation we  invent to translate it  for us.

 Would you say that a book maybe is sorta like
one of these instruments we have invented ?  It helps us receive information
we might never otherwise know about ?



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