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ALA Midwinter Tour Opportunity to Princeton University Library Preservation Office

The last time the American Library Association (ALA) held its midwinter
meeting in Philadelphia (February 1995) there was a BIG SNOW STORM.  The day
before that white blanket fell from the sky and temporarily paralyzed the
region, however, Princeton University Library hosted a tour of its
Preservation Office and conservation lab.  We bussed folk from Philly to
Princeton early in the morning on the appointed day, conducted a tour which
included an optional mid-afternoon, after-lunch side trip to Special
Collections for those souls so willing, a sit-down lunch at the faculty
club, and a late afternoon busride back to Philly.  A small number of folk,
ALA and non-ALA,  arrived on their own steam as well.  It was an all-day
affair, to be sure, and a good time was had by all.  Really!  We had 21 or
so participants/takers.

As Philadelphia is again the midwinter site in 1999, I would like to inquire
whether there are any hardy ALA-bound souls among you and/or other non-ALA
folk in the region, who haven't seen this notice yet on other listervs
and/or who missed this event the first time around, who would be now
interested in this proffered repeat performance.  Redux.

Meetings for ALA preservation folk run from Saturday, January 30 through
Tuesday, February 2, so I've been informed.  Of the preservation folk who
have responded to this offer already, eight have elected that Friday,
January 29, is the best day for them.  That is the majority opinion and that
is the target day for the tour, thereby--some higher transcendent power willing.

I need at least 4 more interested and committed intrepid travelers to sign
up.  The minimum number I require to host the tour is 12.  If I don't get
12, it WON'T happen.  Simple and bittersweet.

Anybody out there interested?  Even if you aren't attending ALA, you are
welcome to tour our lab as part of the group, assuming I get the 12, that
is.  I just hope that the snow will remain a memory of winters passed on
that day.

I will make the arrangements (and notify everyone) when I reach my minimum,
although the more the merrier. The drill will be similar to that described
above, with the exception of a box lunch in a library conference room,
rather than a hot meal.  Sorry, economy rules.

This offer is made in the same spirit as the first event:  I am proud of our
preservation/conservation program and I like to show it off, but we are
slightly off the mightily beaten and tired track, not too far from the
proto-beautiful, but somewhat convenient, New Jersey Turnpike.

Robert Milevski
Robert J. Milevski
Preservation Librarian
Princeton University Library
One Washington Road
Princeton, NJ 08544
609-258-5591; fax: 609-258-4105
email: milevski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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