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Re: The Philosophy of Bookbinding

>Think about it for a moment: what is the difference between a stack of
>papers containing "information" and a bound book containing the same
>information? A book is organized -- information follows a particular
>progression, the reader has certain expectations about where to find things
>(page 3 follows page 2, etc). A book is authoritative -- information
>written down and bound into a book is considered much more reliable than
>something overheard in the Metro, even though it may be exactly the same
>information. A book has fairly rigid conventions about structure.

Kevin - Much of the work I do when teaching book arts to kids involves
trying to get them to throw out these same notions about "books". We talk
about why a stack of papers gathered together in some way *is* a book - that
books don't have to be organized, progressive, or even reliable. And
certainly not conventional.

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