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More food for thought

I've been enjoying everyone's ideas on the philosophy of Bookbinding and
hope to get some responses for a paper I'm thinking about: It is based on a
quote from an article about " Hypertextuality and Electronic Cultural

" The publishing industry continues to resist the emergence of the
recombinant text, and opposes increases in cultural speed. It has set
itself in the gap between production and consumption of texts, which for
purposes of survival it is bound to maintain. If speed is allowed to
increase, the book is doomed to perish, along with its renaissance
companions painting and sculpture".

Unfortunately I don't have the name of the author. As an undergrad Bookarts
major and Bookbinder I had never really considered the computer as a threat
to book production, but I'm taking a class in Digital Media this term and
the question has shot up along with others. I'd be very happy to get some

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