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books vs. cultural speed

As far as cultural speed goes, it seems like alot of people end up poring over
technical manuals either before, or during their attempts at making use of
programs designed to increase productivity... Children who have been raised on
cd-roms still cling fiercely to a well-illustrated copy of "Spawn" or to a
"Goosebumps" novelette. Given one or the other, most people choose both.
Hypertextual language gives a sense of efficient accumulation, but the
frenetic leaps and routes accessing information leave an unsettling feeling
with the "accumulator". Maintaining an order by filing in "virtual cabinets
and folders" does little to alleviate this feeling of detachment. A book on
the other hand enables the user to return back to any portion of the
interaction with ease and tactile familiarity. It would seems that if
painting, books and sculpture were devoured by cultural speed, a host of
"Calibans" without ISDN lines would rise up wherever technology missed them,
and they would soon become front page news, however that news was
disseminated. Jeffrey Chase

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