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Re: The Philosophy of Bookbinding

Happy as I am with the twists in this thread, I'd like to go back for a
moment to the subject of binding. Much of the thought expressed is about the
book as medium in postliterate culture, which has its own fascination & is
very relevant to this group.

But bookbinding as a medium, as a discipline, as art, and as a metaphor ties
together many threads of its own. Gary Frost has expressed and codified more
on the philosophy of bookbinding than anyone else I can think of, and his
ongoing perusals about this & that appear on the booklab website:

His recent occupation with the hand as leader of the evolution of the brain
reminds one that we are involved in a manual activity, and that as a point
of departure we can think of bookbinding as a verb rather than a noun.

I am a bookbinder because of the sensation I derive while performing the act
of bookbinding, rather than from contemplation of the epistemological,
phenomenological, or polital economical aspects of the information industry,
though I did particularly enjoy Madeline Fix's posting on that aspect of it.

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