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Re: snakeskin

Someone gave me an old python skin. Dusty and he had sprayed it with bug
killer.  I oaked a piece in a paste wash [ 1 cup distilled water  with about a
tablespoon of wheat paste mixed in]  It made the skin pliable, although
slimmy.  (snakes themselves are lovely creatures and not at all slimmy) I
pasted it to a test board.  It was beautiful and shinny.  I have yet to use it
on a book, although I've seen it done.  Use something else for the spine, and
expect to use alot of filler material to conteract the warp of the board.  I
did not stretch the ski\n when appling it to the board, but the moisture
needed to make it pliable also made the board warp.

have fun------>Cris

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