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Re: snakeskin

In reply to the query about snakeskin.  It is very difficult to get it around
the edge of the board and keep the edges of the scales from lifting.  I have
used snake and lizard, but find it more successfully used as onlays rather
than all the way around the turn ins.    When I have done it around turn-
ins.  I have wetted out the skin thoroughly - even finding that sometimes it
pares better wet- sometimes adding alcohol to the water makes it enetrate
better, then it's more flexible.  I have also gone over it with a  thin paste
wash when finished , which seemed to help keep the scales from adbrading
-if it's dull after covering, paint a wash of some egg white to give it some
shine.  A little leather dressing after that , and light burnishing witha
folder seems to bring it to a nice finish.
Jake Benson

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