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Re: Color printer question

Message text written by "Book_Arts-L: READ THE FAQ at
The Epson 740 seems to produce waterproof output.  I picked up an "actual=

print" at a computer store.  It was on a glossy, very photo-like paper.  =
took it home and ran wated on it.  There was no smearing or running.
However, the paper eventually disintegrated.  I do not know if the dyes
used are any less fugitive when exposed to light.<

I smile at the thought of bookarts list subscribers worldwide taking
samples of print home to run under the tap - exactly what I did with an
Epson Stylus Photo 700 print on photo glossy paper. I think it's called
shock of recognition humour. Mine wrinkled but didn't run. Now for the fa=

Choice of a colour printer depends upon more things than the water
solubility of the ink and the price. It's a complex mixture of purchase
price of the printer against the cost of the consumables, including any
special papers required, together with its expected life. There's the pri=
quality, both resolution and colour accuracy: and print size, if A3 sizes=

are required. =

Why not send it all to a service bureau?

David Bailey


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