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Re: Etching Question

Hey, how do you steel face copper, and how much does it cost?  I have
a small plate I would like to get done.  It is a 2" x 3".  How much
would that cost?  Thank-You

Hi - this is Janet - I am an artist - do you need any art work?
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On Tue, 29 Sep 1998, Michael Morin wrote:

> You will find that copper will oxidize with any cadmium based ink, red,
> yellow orange as well as any mixture with white.  Steel facing the copper
> will eliminate the dirtying of the ink.  Mild steel plates are cheap to
> make, great for printing clean color and can be etched with nitric or
> ferric chloride.  If you haven't tried steel, I would.
> best regards,
> Michael
> At 06:35 PM 9/29/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >Yes,  Zinc will oxidize especially noticable with light colors.  I don't find
> >that copper oxidizes much at all.
> >
> >Mary
> >a printmaker
> >
> >john renjilian wrote:
> >
> >> >Copper always oxidizes and zinc does not,
> >>
> >> Not being either a printmaker or a metalurgist I need an explanation.  I
> >> have a proof printing plate for the cover of a 1960 Golden Book, made of
> >> what I thought was zinc, and I would have described it as oxidized.  Is
> >> there another term I should be using? or is it another metal?  It was a
> >> proof for the cover design, intending to be changed in the final design, so
> >> it wouldn't have had to print many copies.
> >>
> >> John Renjilian
> >
> >
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