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Philosophy of bookbinding

        Bookbinding, like farming and fine woodwork, belongs to the craftsman.
        Probing the philosophy of a craft inevitably reduces it to arcane
semantics which have less to do with the finished book than with the
probers' need to define rather than do.
        I have been through enough "philosophy of" courses to last me several
lifetimes, including "P.O. Art", "P.O Socialwork," "P.O. Music," "P.O.
Poetry."  None of these has ever come close to the creative thought or
energy which created the art, socialwork, music or poetry being discussed.
        Let's bind books, make them beautiful, and not try to "explain" it so
        Dorothy Africa's version makes the best sense.  "I bind for the reader, to
make a book that opens well,
 that sustains and invites use.  I consider text and binding as a unit,
though, not one subservient to the other.."
        'Nuff sed.

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