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Re: Color printer question

I spent a great deal of time rethreading broken ribbons, while I printed an
edition of ten (70+ pages) onto different paper stocks. The paper, a vellum
stock, jammed often and caused the head to stall mid-page and sometimes broke
the ribbons.

I keep them in reserve for those days I run out of ribbons and can't get to a
store or find them locally...they seem to break again if I don't even out the
tension. I also find that several feet are already spooled past the printer head
when they come "new" out of the box. I've rewound them back to the front of the
spool with no adverse effects.

fingers crossed always

"Jack C. Thompson" wrote:

> Last night, a ribbon broke and it did not take too much time to take the
> ribbon package apart and re-thread the ribbon.  I do not expect that people
> are expected to do this, but book-binders are infamous for being handy with
> tools.
> Jack

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