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Re: Color printer question

Hi Darryl,

I have found a use for used Alps ribbons.
They work well to put type in a mixed media work.  I paint down white glue with a
brush, cover that with the ribbon, right-reading, and let dry.  When dry carefully
remove the acetate film backing of the ribbon leaving the ribbon color with reversed
type.  I just use this as a graphic element, but I suppose  you could type , print
out something especially for this purpose. Parts of images look cool done this way.


Darryl Baird wrote:

> I spent a great deal of time rethreading broken ribbons, while I printed an
> edition of ten (70+ pages) onto different paper stocks. The paper, a vellum
> stock, jammed often and caused the head to stall mid-page and sometimes broke
> the ribbons.
> I keep them in reserve for those days I run out of ribbons and can't get to a
> store or find them locally...they seem to break again if I don't even out the
> tension. I also find that several feet are already spooled past the printer head
> when they come "new" out of the box. I've rewound them back to the front of the
> spool with no adverse effects.
> fingers crossed always
> Darryl
> -------------------------------
> "Jack C. Thompson" wrote:
> > Last night, a ribbon broke and it did not take too much time to take the
> > ribbon package apart and re-thread the ribbon.  I do not expect that people
> > are expected to do this, but book-binders are infamous for being handy with
> > tools.
> >
> > Jack

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