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Re: philosophy of bookbinding

This is being posted to Book_Arts-L from the Bookbinding list with the
permission of the original poster. The message is in reply to Scott
Kellar's post.

From: "carl eastman" <sage_333@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I would have to agree with you about the fact that bookbinding in its
truest form is an art and therefore has a type of philosophy about it.
To individually bind a book shows the character of the author as well as
the binder. The spine of the book is like the spirit of god in the fact
that it holds all things together. The cover is that wich is seen and
can symbolize the physical world. As the bible and also the kabbalists
in the traditional and occultic sence believe that words are power shown
in the fact that god spoke to creat light. So I will compare the words
to the spiritual realm.  I am a writer of poetry as well as philosophy
and wisdom. I would like to finish my 6th manuscript wich is about
wison, philosophy and magic of the kabbalah( the mystical oral tradition
of the jews) I would like to bind it in a hard cover with soft leather
that has been worked with a design. It will probably in the end look
like an old world grimoore. I am looking into computer printing that
would give it an old world look. Sage_333@xxxxxxxxxxx

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