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Another good read

While we're talking about old books I want to tell you about an
absolutely delightful and fascinating book:

        Old Books, Rare Friends: Two literary sleuths and their shared
passion  by Leona Rostenberg and Madeleine Stern   Doubleday , 1997
ISBN 0-385-48514X   LC 96-37176

The flap syas, "Louisa May Alcott once wrote that she had taken her pen
for a bridegroom.  Leona Rostenberg and Madeleine Stern, friends and
business partners for fifty years, have taken up their pens and passion
for literature in much the same way.  Described as the "Holmes and
Watson" of the rare book business, Rostenberg and Stern--in addition to
many other extraordinary discoveries in their lifetime of literary
sleuthing--unlocked the secret of Louisa May Alcott's hidden life when
they discovered her pseudonym, A.M. Barnard. and her anonymously
published "blood-and-thunder" stories."

Anyone who loves old books--and I suspect that is most of us--will be
entranced with this delightfully written tale of friendship and books.

Joyce Jenkins
Petersburg, Alaska

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