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Re: Ruler for Board Shear

 >Subject: Ruler for Board Shear
>Virginia Turnbull wrote:
>I need a 36 inch flat metal ruler divided in 1/32ths or 1/64ths of an inch
>all the way down its length that can be mounted into the table of a board

Locate a machinist, maintenance or engineering shop, or (some) library
conservation labs that have a catalog and account with McMASTER-CARR. They are
mail-order and have distribution centers in NJ, OH, IL and CA. The catalog is
3000 pages of hardware with everything from A to Z ("soup to nuts"), and then
some. Its a fabulous resource and a must for anyone who likes to work with
different things. The only problem is that it is difficult to get a catalog.
On page 1731 of the #104 catalog, they have what you are looking for, but the
rulers are expensive ($60.00 and $108.00). Maybe you could live with one in
32ths. They have 5 pages of many different types.

Another possibility is to have a special order made by an Art Supply store.
Good Luck.

Bill Minter
William Minter Bookbinding & Conservation
Woodbury, PA

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