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Re: Ruler for Board Shear


The online catalog requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3.0 or later,
which has plug-ns for Netscape or Internet Explorer (3.0 or later). If you
don't have acrobat 3.0, you can download it at the mcmaster.com page.
Acrobat is a 3.9 mb download.

You can order online.

They have a stainless steel scale for mounting on machinery ruled in 1/32's.
The graduations are etched and filled with black epoxy. 89665A69 is the
stock number for the 48" right-to-left reading version which is $30.63. It's
on page 1728 of the online catalog, but you'll also find it in the subject
index. It will ship to you the next morning.

It is an astounding catalog.

>Locate a machinist, maintenance or engineering shop, or (some) library
>conservation labs that have a catalog and account with McMASTER-CARR. They are
>mail-order and have distribution centers in NJ, OH, IL and CA. The catalog is
>3000 pages of hardware with everything from A to Z ("soup to nuts"), and then
>some. Its a fabulous resource and a must for anyone who likes to work with
>different things. The only problem is that it is difficult to get a catalog.


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