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Coptic Stuff

Is there a single volume you would recommend for a how-to on coptic
binding? Particularly board attachment and leather attachment.

Any recommendations on sources for papyrus?


By the way, I have a small hot-stamper, an old Franklin model 15
(Norwood, Mass.) to sell: I do mean small, as the chase will take just 1"
of type and only type mounted on 1/4" or smaller shanks (It will take an
inch of 18pt. Goudy, for instance)

        It weighs just 11 pounds, has an attachment for holding a 1/2"
roll of foil with a feeder knob, has a throat depth of just under 3" (so
it wouldnt be great for stamping an already made case, but perfect for
leather labels that you glue on afterwards) and several small hold-down
clamps. There is a three-position heat switch and with it's 4 1/2 foot
electric cord, it could almost be called portable!! (just kidding).
$90.00 plus UPS ($5-10 depending on zipcode).

Bob Roberts
PO Box 21
Wheaton, IL 60189
(630) 7522-4122 days
(630) 871-1741 evenings

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