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dos-a-dos-a-dos bindings

Dear Subscribers to Book Arts-L,

I am currently researching the term "dos-a-dos-a-dos bindings"  for
possible addition to the compound bindings section of the Art and
Architecture Thesaurus.  So far I have exactly one reference to the
term, in Keith A Smith's book "Non-adhesive Binding" at page 208. This
reference is actually a line drawing illustration with the term in the
caption; it is also captioned "The Wedding Cake Book", and a very
interesting construction it is. I've not been able to find it anywhere
else. Can anyone on this list let me know of other references to it in
the literature that might exist? Or do any of you have knowledge of it
and can vouch for it as a term that has some wider currency in the
bookbinding world than Mr. Smith's own works and writing?
Thanks in advance for any advice sent my way.
Best regards,
Alison Chipman
Editor, Vocabulary Program, J. Paul Getty Trust

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