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dos-a-dos bindings

Alison and others interested in dos-a-dos bindings,

I'm not familiar with the term dos-a-dos(-a-dos) bindings, but below is
some info on dos-a-dos bindings from Roberts and Etherington's, Bookbindi=
and the Conservation of Books:  =

A form of bookbinding in which two books, usually small and frequently of=
complementary nature. . .are bound back to back so that they open in
opposite directions, one of the three boards being the common lower board=

of both volumes.  The spines and fore edges are opposed.  Their upper
boards are usually either embroidered or covered with gold-tooled leather=
=2E =

However the dos-a-dos binding is picked up, it opens at the beginning of
one of the two books.

Other references can be found in Carter, ABC for Book Collectors; and
Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, The History of Bookbinding 525-1950 A.D.
compiled by Dorothy Minor (#681).  There is an image of a miniature one i=
Bearman, Krivatsy, Mowery, Fine and Historic Bookbindings from the Folger=

Shakespeare Library.

Hope this is helpful.

Nancy Nitzberg

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