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Re: dos-a-dos-a-dos bindings

Re the Dos-a-dos bindings, Shereen LaPlantz, author of Cover to Cover
speaks about it.  I took a class from her and we did the format.  But she
may have taken the term from Keith's book.  Brenda [7oaksfarm@xxxxxxx]

> From: Allison Chipman <AChipman@xxxxxxxxx>
> To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: dos-a-dos-a-dos bindings
> Date: Thursday, October 08, 1998 12:46 PM
> Dear Subscribers to Book Arts-L,
> I am currently researching the term "dos-a-dos-a-dos bindings"  for
> possible addition to the compound bindings section of the Art and
> Architecture Thesaurus.  So far I have exactly one reference to the
> term, in Keith A Smith's book "Non-adhesive Binding" at page 208. This
> reference is actually a line drawing illustration with the term in the
> caption; it is also captioned "The Wedding Cake Book", and a very
> interesting construction it is. I've not been able to find it anywhere
> else. Can anyone on this list let me know of other references to it in
> the literature that might exist? Or do any of you have knowledge of it
> and can vouch for it as a term that has some wider currency in the
> bookbinding world than Mr. Smith's own works and writing?
> Thanks in advance for any advice sent my way.
> Best regards,
> Alison Chipman
> Editor, Vocabulary Program, J. Paul Getty Trust

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