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Re: Scanner Photos

> I have a Hewlett Packard ScanJet 4p and am satisfied with all of the
> scanning except photos.  When I print the photos (HP Deskjet 540c), I
> get grainy and rather fuzzy results.  Is there something I should be
> doing to sharpen the image or am I limited by the equipment I have.  I
> do have Photoshop but have never used it.  Is that something I should be
> using?

I wouldn't recommend getting Photoshop to correct what (I think) is more of
a scanner/scanner software problem. The HP scanners are capable of very
good scans, but the software I've experienced in the different computer
labs at schools I've taught leads me to think HP is lazy. The current HP
scanprint we're using here sucks. The problem you describe could be the
ultimate resolution of the final scan. There is no "grain" in the scanner,
but photographic prints and slides have grain. Anytime I hear the word
"soft" or "fuzzy" I immediately look at resolution.

Answer these three questions and we can help you more.

What printer are you printing the images with?

How big (HXW) in inches is your image?

How big is your image file...in bytes?

I'll bet your files are too small, too low in resolution, to reproduce the
desired detail.

--Darryl Baird

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