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box to house book


        I have not had much luck with cloth covered foam core.  It isn't
consistently stable which has resulted in warping.  I use archival
corrugated board like they sell at Light Impressions.  It comes in
single and double wall thicknesses.  It is very rigid stuff and very
light in weight.  The downside is that the edges tend to be ragged and
it can be crushed if poked too hard.  To remedy this I line the exposed
sides with card stock or 2 ply mat board.


BO>I need some bookbinding advice. I'm planning to make a box to house a
BO>sculptural artist's book. The box will need to be 12" wide x 15" high and
BO>3" deep. Parts of the sculpture will be attached to the inside of the box,
BO>so the book will not be removable. The box will have to be able to stand
BO>with the book/sculpture in it. I don't want it to end up being too heavy,
BO>so I was wondering whether it would be a bad idea to make it out of foam
BO>core covered with cloth? Does anyone know how stable foam core is? Will the
BO>foam disintegrate and the board collapse in time? Is there a better
BO>material to use? Thanks for any advice.
BO>Shireen Holman, Printmaker and Book Artist
BO>email: tholman@xxxxxxxxx

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