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Re: box to house book

Hello Shireen,
        Your book-box problem solving is something I look forward to seeing
on the list.

        This reminds me of these "Light Impressions"-True Core
tm--drop-front acid free, archival, lignum-free boxes from Rochester, NY.

        Think of an ordinary rectangle box with lid completely covering
bottom when closed.  Remove the lid and one of the long sides folds out
flat on the table.  the other 3 sides are connected.

        The fold out part makes an good spine or place to attach the book
parts.  It would stand up if the back of your book is firm and maybe has an
L or T-shaped "foot."  Now, if you see one of these you'll know how to make
your own.

        These are a lot of words to replace a picture.

        The boxes are available in large phot-supplies.

Elizabeth  Wollenberg
of the McCody Family story poem

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