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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 8 Oct 1998 to 9 Oct 1998

Consulting my memory (which almost goes back to the 18th century) I recall
reading that dos-a-dos books were used to combine volumes of related
content---prayer book and psalms, for instance.  The ones I've seen were
bound same side up, rather than upside down to each other, as was mentioned
earlier in the discussion.  It would work either way, however.  I also
recall that blank dos-a-dos books were used as "sweetheart" books-- one
side for him and one for her, with peeking expected, of course.  Sorry I
can't find the references.  Maybe it's just oral tradition. :-)

Though I know of no historic precedent, I have made several using the
Japanese four-hole bindings (fukuro-toji) and it would be easy to do
dos-a-dos-a-dos (tres-a-tres?) bindings using combinations of fukuro-toji
and accordion forms.

Regards from finally-cooling-off Texas.

Sam Lanham
Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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