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Final request for donations

A few weeks ago I posted a note about the upcoming Guild of Book Workers
Standards of Excellence seminar taking place in Greensboro, North Carolina in
just two-and-a-half more weeks. Part of the program includes a fund raising
auction and I would like to remind everyone on the list that even if you are
not attending, you are encouraged to take a look around your
store/shop/closet/attic for anything you would care to donate. Many donations
are book-arts related: bookbinding equipment, tools, supplies, blank books,
instruction manuals, etc. But many are just plain good/fun stuff: jewelry,
stationery, ties, a Jackie O auction catalog, a 'star finder', handmade
holiday ornaments, prints posters and the like.

Please consider a donation and contact me OFF THE LIST in the next day or two,
to allow time for your contribution to get to me before the auction.  We
appreciate any and all donations!

Regards, Karen L. Crisalli, President - Guild of Book Workers

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