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Re: Elmers vs PVA

In a message dated 10/12/98 12:46:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
cheryl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< I think the only problem with Elmers is that it is not archival. I know
 archival glue can be found from bookbinding suppliers. >>

It's my understanding that Elmer's School Glue is archival, but that "regular"
Elmer's Glue is not.  Something about preservatives, perhaps?  Anybody know
the specifics?

And ... "archival" in the sense that it lasts a long time without affecting
the paper.  *Not* archival in the sense that it is reversible.

(Sorry about the previous blank post.  Spastic mouse, I think.)


Beth Lee
Tallahassee, Florida


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