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Re: Elmers vs PVA

Whether or not an adhesive is archival will depend in large part on how
and where it's applied. I don't think of PVA as an "archival glue" and as
a consequence don't let it touch the actual text paper on a conservation
treatment or fine binding. For blank books or non-valuable bindings why

Another issue is how is archival defined. Does it mean acid-free,
reversible, what? Acid-free may be nice, but it won't be reversible and
that may not be necessary. Likewise reversible is a myth depending on what
was adhered to what. Some residue will always remain and if it's
reversible in water that may damage whatever is on the paper...

Elmers is formulated for working with wood..., areas flexibility is not
necessarily desired. The pvas we use for binding are formulated to be and
remain flexible. There are no absolutes, or very few.



Peter Verheyen, Listowner: Book_Arts-L

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