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Re: Elmers vs PVA

Also, Elmer's glue is brittle and will not hold up. PVA is more flexible.

At 05:36 PM 10/12/1998 +0100, you wrote:
>I think the only problem with Elmers is that it is not archival. I know that
>archival glue can be found from bookbinding suppliers. Try Twinrocker
>Paper at "http://dcwi.com/~twinrock/smoulds.htm";
>Good Luck, Cheryl
>Lee Schauer wrote:
>> Hi--
>> I have some quick questions.  What is the difference between PVA glue and
>> white, watered down (elmers-type) glue?  Is there a danger in using
white glue
>> for bookbinding regarding longeveity (or any other reason)?  I have been
>> it for a while now, simply because I have had it on hand, with great
>> BTW, many months ago I asked for some advise on bookbinding and I
received a
>> landslide of fantastic information and resources.  I tried to thank each
>> of you personally, but in case I miss you--THANKS!!
>> -Lee
>> Maahmaah@xxxxxxx

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