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Re: BOOK_ARTS classified

Hi Buck,

I received the book_Arts list once a day with all the messages rolled into one
email. It makes it easy to scan and less time consuming. However, there is no
way (that I know of) of seeing your return address unless it is in the text of
the message. So while I know you wanted people to connect you off line, I can't!

Please send me a copy of your Book Arts Classified

Jill Timm
10610 Morado Circle #1021
Austin, TX 78759

Thanks, Jill

Dear Friends,

Book Arts Classified is a bimonthly publication with a focus on the book
arts community. An annual subscription gives you free ad space. There are
listings for equipment and supplies, new artist book publications,
exhibits, conferences, classes, calls for entries, and much more.

Send me your snail mail address and I'll send you a copy.


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