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Re: Book Arts Resources in England

If you're anywhere near Oxford, there is a B&B run by Claire & David Bolton.
Claire is a fine printer, has published a number of books on handmade paper,
and runs a letterpress shop/type casting operation/limited edition printing
& binding operation in their barn. Their home, Hyde Farm House, was originally
a stone hall house built by Abingdon Abbey circa 1290. It was extended in 1652.
They also do workshops, etc.

In short, it doesn't get a whole lot better than this.

They can be reached at <AlembicPrs@xxxxxxx> and their web site is at:


Bill Whitley

>Dear Friends,
>I am travelling to England in two weeks and was wondering if there are
>any paper sources I should visit? I know of a retail paper store near
>the Design Center in London, and am looking for other shops and artists
>to visit as well. Will be in London, Bath and Bristol. Please let me
>know if there is a place you know of that would be worth the visit. I am
>also looking for book exhibitions that might be taking place between
>Oct. 23 & Nov. 1 in southern England. Thanks in advanced for any
>replays. This group is a great source of information.

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