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Venetian paper

I'm sure I won't be alone in recommending the Legatoria Piazzesi, S. Marco, S.
M. del Giglio 25llc. Since address don't mean squat in V., your best bet is to
find Campo S. Maurizio, more or less due west of Piazza S. Marco, very close
to the Accademia Bridge. Piazzesi is just down the Calle dei Zaguri heading
toward S. Marco,  on the right side. They have wonderful hand printed papers.

You may also see a shop called Papiro (one of a chain of tony boutiques) in
the same vicinity, but unless you're a tourist who wants to spend a lot of
money on not very good papers, avoid it.

Alberto Valese has a couple of shops with fine marbled papers. I think one
shop may be in the Campo S. Stefano (directly across the Grand Canal from the

There is also a small bindery that sells decorated papers in Campo dei Frari,
on the east side of the campo if memory serves.

R. Williams

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