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Re: Elmers vs PVA - Loose guards

 To add to Peter's comment about loose guards, I offer a variation which
is my usual choice when rebinding rare books.  I make my guards a bit
wide because I use one flap as a concertina between the text gathering
and the endsheets. The loose end in the text block can be trimmed back
and the part used as a concertina gets pasted down under the endsheet
paste down.  If I am worried about the strength of the text bock paper,
I sometimes start the guard concertina several sections back into the
text block.  I regard tipping down as the invention of Satan, but I will
admit to being slightly deranged about this having seen hundreds of sad
examples of what cheap, bad paper endsheets tipped on with large amounts
of glue can do to fine sixteenth century title pages.  The concertina
can be very small, and usually disappears into the shoulder.
 Dorothy Africa

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