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Re: Loose guards

BOOKBINDING & CONSERVATION BY HAND: a working guide, Laura S. Young. Rev.
ed. Oak Knoll Press, New Castle Delaware, 1995. (First Published by Bowker,
ISBN 1-884718-10-8 (cased: alk. paper)
ISBN 1-884718-11-6(pbk.:alk. paper)

Apparently, the hardbound edition is out of print. Oak Knoll Books website
shows the paperback for $24.95. Try the out-of-print dealers and try to
find a clothbound one. Mine was $35.00 new. The soft-cover edition may be
sewn, Oak Knoll is a dependable, conscientious publisher.

I discovered that my paperback copy of Diehl, 2 volumes in one, is falling
apart when I looked for the reference Sam Lanham gave yesterday.

I have found and used many, many useful techniques in Young's book.
Incidentally, she died a year or two ago at 95.

Good luck. Let me know if you find it.


At 09:16 PM 10/18/98 +1300, you wrote:
>I did a quick search in Amazon.com and then a more elaborate one on MX
>Bookfinder, trying to find Laura Smith's BOOKBINDING & CONSERVATION BY
>HAND. Assuming that the author is the same Laura Smith who is MSS. Curator
>at VA Tech, the closest I could get was her _Preservation Procedures for
>Private Patrons_ at Bibliocity. There didn't seem to be anything else
>available and/or in print.
>Betty -- Can you provide more exact bibliographical information, and
>perhaps a source for the book?
>Cheers,... Chris
>Chris Lipscombe
>mobile 025-732 912
Betty Storz   storz@xxxxxxx

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