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NBSS Open House

The bookbinding program at the North Bennet Street School is having its
annual open house on Friday, November 6th from 10 - 2 and on Saturday
November 7th from 10 - 3.  The other courses at the school will be open
for visits as well during those times.

Everyone is welcome to visit and see what is the only two year bench
bookbinding program in the US.  Both students and myself will be there
to talk about the program and show the work that is being done.

Those familiar with the program may be interested to visit and see the
changes I have made in the curriculum, with the incorporation of several
Germanic binding styles.

The school is located in the North End of Boston, one block from Old
North Church on Salem Street.  If you need more specific directions or
information on the open house or the program please email me, or call

Mark Andersson
Bookbinding Instructor
North Bennet Street School

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