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Re: what is it called?

>the archives at wsu own two small volumes of a japanese fairy tale series.
>15cm long x 10cm wide. col. ill. engl. translation published by t.
>hasegawa, tokyo. no date i can read.
>the material looks and feels like thin crepe-paper. held against light it
>reveals a loose weave as with crepe (crinkled cloth of silk or cotton).
>what is this combination material called. how is it made?
>i will appreciate responses
>Gudrun Aurand
>Washington State University
>Pullman, WA 99164-5610

Hello all:
        This lurker can answer this question.What you have is a "crepe
paper" book produced by Japanese publishers at the end of the last century
into the '20s(?) of this century.It is said that the intent was to give
children a book they could not damage as easily as the conventionall
foirmat.Your fairy tales are probably by Lafcadio Hearn.

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