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New on the ABAA-booknet Web Server

[Being resent because the original apparently did not make it through to
the bookarts list...RMH]


   WHAT'S NEW ON THE ABAA-booknet and booknet-international SERVERS?
        Here are recent changes or updates that you may not have
        seen. Offerings by various ABAA and other ILAB members are
        "hot-linked" directly to their booknet home pages.
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            Marilyn Braiterman Rare Books, of Baltimore,
            MD is now offering Catalogue #21, 19TH and
            20TH Century Fine and Decorative Arts,
            Architecture and Landscape Design, Travel,
            Literature, Fine Press and Illustrated Books,
            Judaica. This is the Fifth catalogue in the
            new ABAA-booknet Search =97 Browse =97 Order
            On-Line Dynamic Catalogue format.

       MEMBER WEB SITE UPDATES (10/21/98)
            Two ABAA Members have announced updated Web
          * Edward J. Lefkowicz, of Providence, RI has
            posted Bulletin 101, 61 books and manuscripts
            on nautical subjects, including an American
            colonial sailor's journal; the first complete
            American book on shipbuilding; a superb
            facsimile reprint of Jenkins' Naval
            Achievements of Great Britain; and books on
            voyages, Hawaii, naval history, sailing
            directions, and more, to his Web Site,
          * David M. Lesser, of Woodbridge, CT has posted
            Catalogue 40, Rare Americana to his Web Site,
       Two ABAA Members have announced new or updated Web
          o The Book Shop, of Covina, CA has an new Web Site,
            http://www.the-book-shop.com , specializing in
            Literary First Editions, Science Fiction,
            California & the West, Jazz & Jazz Musicians.
            Their first offering is NEW ARRIVALS AND RECENT
            ACQUISITIONS: Firearms List.
          o Jeffrey Thomas, Fine & Rare Books, of San
            Francisco, CA has posted two new on-line
            catalogues: New Acquisitions - Summer & Fall 1998,
            103 items: Americana, Bindings, Fine Press,
            History, Illustrated Books, Literature,
            Photography, Travel, etc., with New Acquisitions -
            Addenda, 36 items; and 150 Fine Press Books,
            available at http://www.JeffreyThomas.com .
  XIMENES LIST (10/12/98)
   [Search - Browse - Order On-Line with Ximenes Rare Books]

       Ximenes Rare Books, of Kempsford, Gloucestershire
       ENGLAND, is now offering List 98-2W =97 Recent
       Acquisitions. An ABAA member currently resident in
       Great Britain with a wide selection of accessions from
       the UK, Ximenes offers Rare Books, English & American
       Literature, Travel, Science & Medicine, Economics. This
       is the fourth catalogue in the new ABAA-booknet Search
       =97 Browse =97 Order On-Line Dynamic Catalogue format.

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