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Supreme Court's "decency" ruling will cause artists' self-censorship

This was from the Chronicle of Higher Education. Thought it might be of
interest. Don't all go out and sanitize your works at once. ;>


A glance at the November/December issue of "Tikkun":

Supreme Court's "decency" ruling will cause artists' self-censorship

Artists and writers are likely to censor themselves as a result of the U.S.
Supreme Court's decision last summer to uphold a Congressional mandate that
the National Endowment for the Arts consider "general standards of decency"
when making grants, writes Marcia Pally. The performance artist Karen
Finley and a group of other artists had challenged the requirement in a
lawsuit, saying that the government has no right to discriminate against
free speech and expression in its programs. The court's rejection of that
argument leaves universities and others who seek arts-endowment grants in
the position of trying to guess whether their projects meet the nebulous
"standards of decency," says Ms. Pally, an adjunct assistant professor who
teaches English as a second language at Fordham and New York Universities.
The "decency" clause also limits artists' ability to obtain private grants,
she says, because a failure to get an N.E.A. grant reduces an artist's
chances of attracting private money. The result is that researchers,
artists, and writers will limit themselves, pursuing less controversial
projects in order to obtain financing, she says. Yet those individuals may
have grounds to sue the government if they can prove that the Court's
ruling requires grant-making agencies not just to consider "decency"
standards but to reject "indecent" work, she concludes. The magazine's
World-Wide Web address is http://www.tikkun.org

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