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Re: Supreme Court's "decency" ruling will cause artists' self-censorship

Hi, Peter, would you do me a favor and send me your phone number so we can chat
about potential endbanding workshop?  Thanks, Audrey Niffenegger

Peter D. Verheyen wrote:

> This was from the Chronicle of Higher Education. Thought it might be of
> interest. Don't all go out and sanitize your works at once. ;>
> p.
> A glance at the November/December issue of "Tikkun":
> Supreme Court's "decency" ruling will cause artists' self-censorship
> Artists and writers are likely to censor themselves as a result of the U.S.
> Supreme Court's decision last summer to uphold a Congressional mandate that
> the National Endowment for the Arts consider "general standards of decency"
> when making grants, writes Marcia Pally. The performance artist Karen
> Finley and a group of other artists had challenged the requirement in a
> lawsuit, saying that the government has no right to discriminate against
> free speech and expression in its programs. The court's rejection of that
> argument leaves universities and others who seek arts-endowment grants in
> the position of trying to guess whether their projects meet the nebulous
> "standards of decency," says Ms. Pally, an adjunct assistant professor who
> teaches English as a second language at Fordham and New York Universities.
> The "decency" clause also limits artists' ability to obtain private grants,
> she says, because a failure to get an N.E.A. grant reduces an artist's
> chances of attracting private money. The result is that researchers,
> artists, and writers will limit themselves, pursuing less controversial
> projects in order to obtain financing, she says. Yet those individuals may
> have grounds to sue the government if they can prove that the Court's
> ruling requires grant-making agencies not just to consider "decency"
> standards but to reject "indecent" work, she concludes. The magazine's
> World-Wide Web address is http://www.tikkun.org
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