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Re: what is it called?

I would guess that this is gampi or kozo/mulberry paper, especially given
this is a Japanese title. The "weave" you are seeing is the pattern of the
Japanese su (a bamboo and silk screen) used to make the paper. (Gampi can
be very translucent and is faintly green. Kozo is more of a tan color.)

To verify this, you might look up a hardback copy of Timothy Barrett's
"Japanese Papermaking" in your WSU library. There are some samples of the
three primary Japanese handmade papers (kozo, gampi, mitsumata) near the
front. This title will also answer your last question in detail.

Another option would be to get some Japanese paper samples from
www.artpaper.com....They will send up to 5 samples free I believe.

When you say the paper is like crepe, are you saying that the paper is
crinkled? This kind of paper is called momigami. The various papermaking
suppliers sell a a handmade book called "Momigami" by Donald Farnworth on
the techniques of making this paper. The supplier closest to you would be
Magnolia Editions (www.artfolio.com/Magnolia).

pat slider

>the archives at wsu own two small volumes of a japanese fairy tale series.
>15cm long x 10cm wide. col. ill. engl. translation published by t.
>hasegawa, tokyo. no date i can read.
>the material looks and feels like thin crepe-paper. held against light it
>reveals a loose weave as with crepe (crinkled cloth of silk or cotton).
>what is this combination material called. how is it made?
>i will appreciate responses
>Gudrun Aurand
>Washington State University
>Pullman, WA 99164-5610

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