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Re: Storing precious books

Here are some practical suggestions.
The paper jacket is the highest value and most easily damaged part. Use
archival book jacket covers on every book. Without a jacket, or for
paperbacks, a fitted mylar bag left open at the top will prevent rubbing. For
pamphlets, a mylar bag with a card backing will keep the items neat and they
can be stored in tubs or special fitted boxes. Use clean book shelves to
protect the bindings. Keep the books tightly packed on the shelves to prevent
warppage. Do not pull the books out by the top edge. It will tear the top of
the spine. Pull them by the middle of the back after you push in the two
adjoining volumes. Vacuum the top edges from time to time. For leather, a
yearly application of museum dressing [not shoe polish] will keep the bindings
in shape for a lifetime. Dirty vellum or leather or cloth can be cleaned with
Backus leather or cloth cleaners. Keep the books off of the bottom shelf,
where they can get water damaged from a mop, a leak  or a dog. Put a few mouse
traps or poison behind the shelves.

To encode your reference or name on the flyleaf, lightly use a 4b pencil. It
will erase without a trace with art gum.

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clean shelving, keep them away from sunlight, and if they are really
expensive, i'd get slipcases made for them!

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