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Re: end bands

'Endbands?, Headbands?, Tailbands?

Although the term =91Endbands=92 has become a term to cater for the head
and tail of the book, the correct and original meaning of the term referre=
to a band at the head or tail that became an integral part of the structur=
by being laced into the book boards.  =91Headbands=92 are located at the
head and tail of the book  and are not structural in the sense of being
laced into the boards. (The term =91Tailband=92 has no historic origin in =
trade or the trade literature).

As previously stated by Gene Valentine 'Headbands how to Work Them'
by Jane Greenfield and Jenny Hille is a good book on the subject of
headbands.  I would recommend 'Les Tranchefiles Brodees: Etude
Historique et Technique' published by the Bibliotheque Nationale in
Paris for the study of endbands.

Most bookbinding manuals give at least cursory attention to the subject
of working headbands, it is an extremely difficult subject to describe wel=
in words and the illustrations become all important.   You may find the
illustrations in 'The Thames and Hudson Manual of Bookbinding' by
Arthur Johnson and 'The Restoration of Leather Bindings' by Bernard
Middleton helpful, as well as the photographs in 'The Craft of
Bookbinding' by Eric Burdett.

Joe Landry

Leaf by Leaf Book and Paper
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P.O. Box 1554, Station M,
Halifax, N.S., Canada.  B3J 2Y3
E-mail:  j.landry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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