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BookLab Inc. closing

On October 27 we sent out letters by email and snailmail to BookLab clients
informing them that BookLab, Inc. will discontinue operations on Novemeber
30, 1998.

This message is paraphrased from that letter as a kind of press release:

"In our ten years as an innovator in the library preservation field, BookLab
has developed many extraordinary relationships with clients and colleagues.
Beginning in 1988 with the introduction of preservation photocopy, BookLab
has been on the cutting edge of technological advances in preservation. We
have consistently met the changing needs of our library clients. Today,
however, our industry is ready for consolidation.

"We have reached the decision to discontinue our operations as BookLab as of
November 30, 1998. We have stopped taking new work, but we will complete
all work which is already here. This was a difficult decision for us, not
least because of the strength of our relationships with our clients.
Although BookLab, Inc. is dissolving, many of us will remain in the library
preservation field.

"Paul Parisi, President of Acme Bookbinding, and Jim Larsen, President of
Bridgeport National Bindery, have been part owners of BookLab since its
incorporation in 1988. Their companies now offer many of the same services
as BookLab. For this reason, we suggest that those interested consider
sending work that would have gone to BookLab to either of these fine
full-service binderies.

"As we close our Austin facility, we will devote the majority of our
attention to assuring that this transition is as simple and as comfortable
as possible. We will fulfill all outstanding orders before we close
our doors, and will assist in forwarding new work to Acme and
Bridgeport. Please call us with any questions and concerns."


BookLab will be selling all of its equipment and materials. A list has been
compiled and pricing is now being determined. Anyone interested in the list
can contact me at craig@xxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks to everyone.
Craig Jensen, President
BookLab, Inc.

Craig Jensen, President
BookLab, Inc.

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